A Journey on The Snaefell Mountain Railway DVD

Join us for a trip to the top of Snaefell and back! The Snaefell Mountain Railway takes you from the sleepy coastal village of Laxey to the top of the Isle of Man's highest mountain, climbing nearly 2,000 feet through the spectacular Manx countryside along the way.

With five cameras bringing you the action you won't miss a thing. As we leave Laxey station there's the challenge of getting across the main coast road safely. Then the Snaefell Mountain Railway begins to climb the Laxey Valley as the Manx Electric Railway tracks diverge to the right. Almost immediately the world-famous Laxey Wheel comes into view, a reminder of the industrial heritage of this picturesque valley..

As we climb higher, the valley narrows, and we cling to a ledge for a time with a 200 foot drop to the valley floor. Approaching the Bungalow Station, there's another road crossing to negotiate - this is part of the TT Mountain Circuit. Then the views open out as we circle around Snaefell on the way to the summit. The weather is just stunning, and the views of the Isle of Man and the Irish Sea are breathtaking, with hints of Ireland, Scotland and England appearing on the horizon.

Finally, just after we pass the second down tram, the Summit Station comes into sight, and it feels like we've arrived on top of the world.

A Journey on The Snaefell Mountain Railway DVD offers two soundtracks to choose from. The commentary track gives you everything - the wonderful sound of the tram accompanied by informative, knowledgable commentary to explain what you're seeing - and provides the historical background of the Snaefell Mountain Railway. But if you'd rather just immerse yourself in the enthralling pictures and the sound of the tram's electrric motors, turn off the commentary and you're good to go.

free bonus extras

We want to give you the best value we can, so we've come up with two fantastic bonus extras for your added enjoyment.

The first, Transports of Delight, is a specially made unique 20 minute programme which shows the Isle of Man's three Victorian transport systems - the Steam Railway, the Manx Electric Railway, and the Snaefell Mountain Railway. This beautifully shot and produced programme also takes you behind the scenes at the Steam Railway's Douglas depot to see the work that goes on to keep the rolling stock in pristine condition. And if you've ever dreamed of being an engine driver, there's even a pocket course to set you up for a trip on the footplate. Manx Steam Railway News described Transports of Delight as being worth the cover price alone!

And if that's still not enough, we've re-interpreted the famous 1952 BBC film of London to Brighton in four minutes to bring you Laxey to Summit Station in four minutes, viewed from the prime spot alongside the driver. It's the perfect way to round off this exclusive viewing experience ojn the Snaefell Mountain Railway.