A Journey on The Manx Electric Railway blu-ray and DVD

Travel with us as we ride on board Car 20 for a trip from Douglas to Ramsey with the Manx Electric Railway. This Victorian tram system runs through some of the most spectacular scenery on the Isle of Man, beginning at sea level on the prom in Douglas, and rising to 600 feet above the waves, clinging to the edge of the cliffs at Bulgham. The entire journey takes an hour and eighteen minutes, and our award-winning production team have pulled out all the stops to make sure you get the best seat. With five cameras to capture everything that goes on, you'll get to enjoy the journey like never before.

The Manx Electric Railway was completed in 1899, and the cars and trailers that run on it are all original. The MER boasts the oldest tram car in the world still running on its original line, and over the years tens of millions have thrilled to the views it offers. And there's a special feature on our trip. Because of single line operation south of Ramsey, you'll see the process involved in reversing from the northbound to the southbound track to complete the last couple of miles to our detination.

Five High Definition cameras show five different angles, and you'll get to see more of what's going on, both on and off the tram. It's a spectacular ride which puts you at the very heart of the action. But that's not all!

A Journey on the Manx Electric Railway offers two soundtracks to choose from. The commentary track gives you everything - the wonderful sound of the tram accompanied by informative, knowledgable commentary to explain what you're seeing - and provides the historical background of the Manx Electric Railway. But if you'd rather just immerse yourself in the enthralling pictures and the sound of the tram's electric motors, turn off the commentary and you're good to go. And now, A Journey on the Manx Electric Railway is also available on Blu-Ray in stunning High Definition!

free bonus extras

We want to give you the best value we can, so we've come up with two fantastic bonus extras for your added enjoyment featuring the Manx Electric Railway.

The first is a Transports of Delight, a specially made unique 20 minute programme which shows the Isle of Man's three Victorian transport systems - the Isle of Man Steam Railway, the Manx Electric Railway, and the Snaefell Mountain Railway. This beautifully shot and produced programme also takes you behind the scenes at the Steam Railway's Douglas depot to see the work that goes on to keep the rolling stock in pristine condition. And if you've ever dreamed of being an engine driver, there's even a pocket course to set you up for a trip on the footplate. This feature is in Standard Definition. Preview it here.

And if that's still not enough, we've re-interpreted the famous 1952 BBC film of London to Brighton in four minutes to bring you Douglas to Ramsey in four minutes, viewed from the prime spot on the front of Car 20. It's the perfect way to round off this exclusive viewing experience on the Manx Electric Railway.