Transports of Delight - The Isle of Man Railways

This bonus programme is included free with the Isle of Man Railways series DVDs - The Isle of Man Steam Railway, The Manx Electric Railway and The Snaefell Mountain Railway.. In a delightful 20 minute documentary we look at the three Victorian Heritage rail systems on the Isle of Man - the Manx Electric Railway, the Snaefell Mountain Railway, and the Isle of Man Steam Railway. Each has its own particular charm, and is an important part of the transport history of the British Isles. Preview a section of it above.

The Manx Electric Railway runs 17 miles from Douglas to Ramsey, along the island's east coast, and intersects with the Snaefell Mountain Railway at Laxey. Both date from the late 19th century, and feature the original cars.

The Isle of Man Steam Railway links Douglas with the west coast port of Port Erin, and is operated by original engines and rolling stock, some dating back to the opening of the line in 1874.

The documentary features stunning aerial views of the island and its rail systems, and details their history. In the Douglas workshops of the Steam Railway, we see the maintenance work that's carried out, and there's a facinating instructional section on how to drive a steam train.

The beautifully filmed and produced programme was made by our international award-winning team, and captures the spirit and emotion of these wonderfully cared for railways. It's included free with each of the Isle of Man titles - A Journey on The Isle of Man Steam Railway, A Journey on The Manx Electric Railway, and A Journey on The Snaefell Mountain Railway.