A Journey on The Settle-Carlisle Railway DVD

Total running time approx. 102 mins.

The Settle-Carlisle Railway is one of the most scenic lines in Britain. And you can enjoy it in all its glory with the best views on the train on DVD or Blu-Ray. With up to five cameras capturing the views and the action A Journey on the Settle-Carlisle Railway is the perfect way to explore this historic amd beautiful line. We travel from Settle Junction, where the line starts, to Carlisle's Citadel Station in an hour and forty minutes. Along the way there's a huge amount to see, and the knowledgable and fascinating commentary explains what you're looking at, along witha history of how the line came to be built, and how it nearly closed.

Five High Definition cameras are mounted with care so you get the best view on the train. And our international award-winning team brings decades of broadcast experience to the production, ensuring you're guaranteed a truly professional experience.

Along the way you'll see all of the iconic points on the Settle-Carlisle line. The quarter-mile long Ribblehead Viaduct spans Batty Moss in a gentle curve which leads us to the mile and a half long Blea Moor Tunnel. There's the stunning beauty of the upland fells which provided so much difficulty for the 19th century Navigators who built the line by hand. And there's the charm of stations in far-flung places like Garsdale and Dent - the latter is the highest mainline station in England. These working stations contrast with those at Little Salkeld and Cumwhinton which remain frozen in time, looking little different now from how they must have been on the day they closed to passengers.

A Journey on the Settle-Carlisle Railway offers a choice of two soundtracks. The commentary track gives you everything - the sound of the train accompanied by an informative, knowledgable explanation of what you're seeing, and provides the historical background to this great Midland Railway feat of engineering. Or if you prefer to watch and travel without the commentary, simply select the alternative sound track. The decision is yours.

Choose High Definition Blu-Ray for the crispest experience, or order the DVD and benefit from the improved quality of the High Definition cameras and our all-digital production suite. Then sit back, relax, and enjoy a cab ride along England's most scenic line - the Settle-Carlisle Railway.

free bonus extra

As a special bonus extra, we've re-interpreted the famous 1952 BBC film of London to Brighton in four minutes to bring you Settle Junction to Carlisle in four minutes, viewed from the ideal spot on the front of the train. It gives a superb condensed view of the journey, and is the perfect way to learn the Settle-Carlisle Railway from end to end..