Cab Ride London Underground District Line


District Line
Richmond to Upminster

Join us in the cab of an S stock service of London Underground for a journey fro Richmond to Upminster.


This journey on an S stock service from Richmond to Upminster begins and ends on surface lines. But the middle third takes us under the streets of the capital in cut and cover tunnels, on some of the earliest subterranean railways in the world.

We travel through many of the iconic underground stations of London, passing under Parliament Square and close to Westminster Abbey and Big Ben on the way.

An on-screen menu gives a choice between listening to the impeccably researched commentary which explains the history of the Metropolitan District Railway and the sights along the way, or concentrating on the unique sounds of the underground.

Graphics provide a constantly updated indication of speed limits and signal aspects - even differentiating between Network Rail and underground sections of line - and the names of the stations we pass by and stop at.

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