Cab Ride Cleethorpes to Sheffield



Travel from Cleethorpes to Sheffield in the cab of a TransPennine Express Class 185. Full commentary option.


This journey takes us from Cleethorpes on the Lincolnshire coast to the industrial hub of Sheffield in South Yorkshire. We’re travelling in the cab of a six-car class 185 of TransPennine Express on tracks once controlled by the Manchester, Sheffield & Lincolnshire Railway and the Midland Railway.
We begin slowly on the single track line to Grimsby Town before striking north, then west, across the flat lands of Lincolnshire to the steel town of Scunthorpe, crossing and avoiding rivers, canals and drains on the way. From there we continue west, then south-west to the railway centre that is Doncaster.
There’s a delay caused by platform congestion, but once we’re finally ready to continue we thread our way across the tracks of the East Coast Main Line to head for the valley of the River Don which guides our way.
We by-pass Rotherham on Midland Railway metals, leaving the first route of the North Midland Railway to London at Masbrough Junction for a penultimate stop at Meadowhall, which is shared with Sheffield’s Supertrams.
Then there’s the final few miles to Sheffield’s Midland Station, approaching platform 6 through a series of short tunnels.
On-screen graphics display the current signal aspects, speed limits and temporary speed restrictions, along with the names of stations that we pass through or stop at. Animated maps help to show our routing.
There’s full commentary throughout, but as usual, if you prefer, you can opt to silence the narration to sit back and concentrate on the relaxing sounds of the journey.

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